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A small selection of recent media articles about Ki

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Ki client endorsements


What some of our disabled entrepreneurs have said about their Ki experience

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"It’s rare to come across a bespoke mentoring programme specifically tailored for the challenges facing the disabled entrepreneur; especially one that fuses business savvy investment with judicious coaching. The team at Ki are ‘ridiculously efficient’ in sizing-up your business model from the outset because they know that people with disabilities are facing too many barriers. Those with health issues have to work harder and having the right support, at the right time is critical.


My innovative business idea required the definitive strategy to make it concept-ready and I’ve been collaborating with Ki for about a year. They assigned me a brand and marketing specialist who has provided expert guidance in making my project spark into life!"


BF - Stroke Sufferer 



"I had an idea, I just didn't know what to do with it. After attending an inspirational Disabled Entrepreneurs Conference, organised by Kaleidoscope Investments, I was motivated and knew I could make my dream a reality.


Having MS took away my confidence, and discovering that there was still a way that I could support myself and achieve my goals was empowering.


Working with Kaleidoscope Investments, I have been guided through the process of setting up my own business. It has been good to know there's someone there in my corner. None of what I have achieved so far would be possible without them. From publicity to planning the people at Kaleidoscope Investments have been amazing."  


AN - Multiple Sclerosis



"I have tried over many years to hold down a regular job / get stable employment and when I finally had to accept that I could not cope, due to health problems, I gave up on life, and felt as though I was just waiting to die.


When I discovered self-employment and I tried to explore it I realised just how difficult and challenging it really was and felt like there was no realistic options for me in life. So when I met Hardeep from Kaleidoscope, I felt like I had been saved from a hopeless life of poverty and hardship. Finally some help and finally a chance!

Kaleidoscope have given me so much hope, something to live for and a reason to keep trying. I am now working on building two businesses with them, something that would have never been a possibility with out them."


AC - Neurological condition




Feedback from Ki events


Some comments from attendees at recent Ki events  

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"Inspirational, much needed event that I have been waiting for all my life"


Carol Pound



"I found it inspirational to hear people's personal stories, but in order to change you need to know HOW to change and the speeches were motivational but strategy-lite! It did make self employment as a way forward seem possible."


Eve Williams



“To Cope' with something, is to continually live with something under sufferance”, “To 'adapt' to something, is to do all the normal things in life but in a slightly different way, and that's much better and achievable!”


Ross Grant



“Absolutely inspired in their absolute fortitude to break down the barriers that society places on them. I left in awe of how people could find optimism to overcome obstacles and find a way to display hope, confidence and courage to steer themselves in life justifying the business case that we constantly try to highlight on an everyday basis."


Glenn Badham



“Found the conference both very informative and inspirational, left feeling that we will do more”


Tony Washington



"Kaleidoscope are doing something really innovative, and they are totally dynamic in their approach. I've had the privilege of working with some exceptionally driven and motivated collectives in the past, but the event this past week, and the friendships, and professional relationships I have formed are nothing short of inspiring, and powerful. Kaleidoscope are going to revolutionise the way disability is perceived in a range of industries. This is something special."


Dom Smith 



"It was such a great event as it provided the opportunity to network with like minded disabled people who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise in different areas.


I’ve been to two Paralympic games (Sydney and London), but the speeches from the archer and swimmer really inspired me to want to get back in to sport at an international level again. I was also inspired by the lady who is registered blind who has set up her businesses, and was especially inspired by her as we have the same disability."


Louise Simpson



"What can I say… the energy and ‘life’ you bring to an event is fantastic and inspiring in itself."


Louise Grimmett



"I had an amazing time last Friday at your inspirational conference. As well as meeting and being inspired by some amazing people who are also powering through despite their disabilities, Illuminate Freedom were honoured to be asked to perform for you all! I have to thank you and Disabled Entrepreneurs for hosting this much needed event. It makes me know that there are people out there who understand the fight and the struggle to start a business and are willing to support the extra hills to climb when you start a business whilst carrying a disability. The key word is simply support. Thanks to the conference, I am now even more excited for the future!"


Illuminate Freedom



"Absolutely loved every minute! So gutted we needed to catch our train and miss out on spending time with everyone afterwards. Thank you for pulling together such inspirational speakers. Hoping this little shout out helps spread the word of the incredible job you're doing!

Ps I cried buckets watching the video of your beautiful son laughing for the first time after 15 months of waiting! x"


Scooter Angel




What people are saying about Ki

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