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Ki Mentors


Our highly skilled business mentors selected for their compassion and patience. They come from a variety of business sectors and are happy to work with all types of disability

The success of our business model hinges on high calibre and very capable mentors being allocated to our investee businesses. They will then work closely with each and every business and assist them with growth. 


It is important when selecting our mentors that we cover a cross-section of industries, and that they have personal first hand experience running a successful business.


A critical component of our mentors' mindset must be that they have compassion and patience to be able to deal with our entrepreneurs with any disability and they receive special training for this. 


There will be a series of regular meetings which our investees will be required to attend. This will include quarterly meetings where progress will be discussed against performance targets, connections will be shared, and advice will be offered.


On a regular basis we will monitor the performance of your business to

ensure all goals and targets are being met.

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