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Approximately 1 in 5 people in UK have a disability. That is almost 14 million people in the UK alone. Globally there are over 1.3 billion disabled people. Those that would like to start their own businesses have struggled to do so. 


  • Many disabled people face unfair judgements and assumptions around their capabilities.  

  • This naturally leads to some lacking confidence in themselves and therefore their ability to start a business.

  • There are some who have an inability, because of their condition, to effectively articulate and communicate their idea

  • Investors are, in general, more sceptical about investing in disabled people due to there not being a track record of success. 

  • There is a general lack of interest or faith in the market for disabled entrepreneurs.


Statistics show that when it comes to business, disabled people are less likely to start their own businesses because many investors are less confident about their capabilities. There are exceptions to this rule, but most investors are concerned even if the business idea may be interesting and profitable.

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