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Hardeep Rai is the Founder and Managing Director of Kaleidoscope Investments.

Ki invests, supports and empowers disabled people to become successful entrepreneurs.


Hardeep's life changed in 2006 when his son Eshan was born. Due to last minute birthing complications there was a lack of oxygen to Eshan’s brain and as a result he received a severe brain injury, resulting in significant learning difficulties and physical disability. However, this did not stop Hardeep. His experience, together with meeting Shane Bratby, founder of Disabled Entrepreneurs motivated Hardeep to come up with an idea of how he could assist other disabled people to turn business dreams into reality.


Late in 2014, Hardeep started Kaleidoscope Investments. Although a budding entrepreneur, he started his life in Financial Services and has enjoyed a career spanning over 20 years in this industry. He has worked for Hedge Funds, Wealth Managers and Private Equity firms. During this time he also secured a job working with James Caan (Ex-Dragon Den) for two years while running one of his businesses at Hamilton Bradshaw. 

How It All Began...

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