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Become A Ki Mentor



We are always looking for mentors from all sectors who have grown and ideally sold at least one business and can demonstrate a track record of success.


The attitude and approach of all our mentors need to be more accomodating and flexible depending on the needs of our disabled entrepreneur. Whilst we will expect our mentors to help to aggressively grow the businesses that we work with, there may need to be some instances where a compassionate approach will need to be taken.


We believe that in order to maximise the value that a mentor will contribute, they must be incentivised. Our incentivisation programme includes: the mentor having a small equity stake in the business together with a small share of net profit that the business generates.


In terms of time committment there is no maximum or minimum expectation. Each investee company will be different and we will expect you to allocate the necessary time that you feel is required to help the business to grow.


We have in place a performance measurement programme that will ensure that we are tracking and recording the progress of our investee businesses and mentors. This will help us to track that the business growth is in line with targets and goals.

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