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We are a new kind of investment business
We believe in a world where 'disability' and 'ability'
come together to create something better
...that's the Ki methodology
We help entrepreneurs with disabilities to realise their dream of
running and growing their own business
Ki provides on-going help, expertise and investment throughout the 
duration of the business life-cycle, nurturing and encouraging ideas,
in order to best achieve lasting commercial success
Integration not discrimination.   #NoBarriersToBusiness

How Ki works

We have a unique Ki growth methodology

for start-up businesses.

To find out more click below.

What does it cost?

We don't charge any up front fees. We simply take a small, negotiable equity

stake in your business.

Empowering ideas

We listen to every disabled entrepreneur that approaches us. Our ethos is... #NoBarriersToBusiness. 

COVID-19 Update: 

Please note that whilst we are still accepting new applications, funds may not be available until Q4, 2020

Kaleidoscope Investments is part of the Kaleidoscope Group


For more information on grants of up to £10,000 visit:

Visit our partner company

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